This short podcast covers the basics of how a mediumship session unfolds when you book with me. I hope you find it helpful. If you still have questions about the work, please feel welcome to call my Studios at US 904-993-7466. I look forward to helping. 


Ann George 

This little cast should answer most questions posed by first time customers of a Remote Reiki session including the agreements that make remote Reiki possible as well as likely experiences and suggestions for aftercare. 

I have over 20 years experience with remote energy healing and with Reiki in particular. I hope you find this helpful. Please visit my website: https://anngeorge.com to order. 

In this short podcast I talk about my first encounter with Usui Reiki, why I feel Reiki is a safe and useful energy healing modality and in closing I present an introduction to the benefits Reiki  as a means to balance and restore the chakras. I hope you enjoy this podcast. I think it is the first of many on this topic. 

Ann George 


I am Ann George, a professional psychic & medium and a clairvoyant Tarot consultant. Here is  a brief introduction to her services. If you are looking for a new psychic consultant, please enjoy this little cast. 

This is a live recording of a public talk on clairvoyance given at the request of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Jacksonville, Florida. In this talk, I describe my experience as a clairvoyant person and discuss clairvoyance in general, as well as social and cultural experiences, ethic, psychism, the reading process and answer questions at the end of the talk.

Some aspects of the talk are relevant to working as a professional clairvoyant consultant in Florida, however, I feel this post gives a good overview of the topic. I hope you enjoy it...... and agree.


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