A welcome message for clients new to Clairvoyant Tarot.

Ann George, clairvoyant Tarot consultant at Midnight Sun introduces herself and some of her services in this short podcast. 

Mediumship Readings - What Happens When We Try to Connect.

Please enjoy a short podcast in reply to a client seeking a mediumship reading. I hope you find it helpful. 

What is clairvoyance? A talk to IONS in Jacksonville, FL

This is a live recording of a public talk on clairvoyance given at the request of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Jacksonville, Florida. In this talk, I describe my experience as a clairvoyant person and discuss clairvoyance in general, as well as social and cultural experiences, ethic, psychism, the reading process and answer questions at the end of the talk.

Some aspects of the talk are relevant to working as a professional clairvoyant consultant in Florida, however, I feel this post gives a good overview of the topic. I hope you enjoy it...... and agree.